Enka Gold Rush (2015)


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Kumagai Toru is a poor art instructor who works for Seiho Girls High School, a private high school in Osaka with the motto ‘courtesy, virtue, outreach’, but his salary is a third less than certified teachers. Sakai Yuzo, the school’s chairman, runs the school like his own. One day, Kumagai is approached with a proposal by music teacher, Masaki Nahoko, and physical education instructor Oyamada who seek to confront Sakai with proof of his wrongdoings and secure their own employment. Things are still going well up to the point they boldly venture into the apartment where Sakai lives with his mistress, Morino Akemi, for direct negotiations. But after that, Sakai and Akemi go missing and bloodstains are left behind … … The couple seem to have been kidnapped by the “education consultants” Minowa Katsuhisa and Nakao Shuichi for some reason. Kumagai and Nahoko unwittingly get involved in a scheme to steal the vast amount of gold bars which are Sakai’s hidden assets. Who are the real criminals? They deceive and get deceived as a struggle for the gold bars begins around Osaka.

Moriyama Mirai as Kumagai Toru
Seiho Girls High School’s full-time art instructor. After graduating from an art college, he failed in business and was saddled with debt that led to his career switch. He has the confidence of his students. He works like a regular teacher but his salary is a third less.
Takahata Mitsuki as Masaki Nahoko
Seiho Girls High School’s free-spirited music teacher. She also performs at a live music bar without telling the school. She is watched by the school because of her regular flashy behaviour, but she enjoys popularity among the students.
Katsura Bunchin as Sakai Yuzo
The chairman of Seiho Girls High School. The king of Kansai’s private education world. He runs the school as it were completely his own. This attracts fiery praise and criticism, but he is actually broad-minded and quite something.
Nakamura Yuri as Morino Akemi
Sakai Yuzo’s mistress. A shrewd hostess of a club in Kita Shinchi.
Onoue Hiroyuki as Oyamada
Seiho Girls High School’s full-time physical education instructor. He gets involved with Kumagai Toru and Masaki Nahoko in a scheme to kidnap the chairman.
Kinoshita Houka as Minowa Katsuhisa
An education consultant who has full knowledge of the seamy side of running a school. Because of his personal grudge against Sakai Yuzo, he instigates Oyamada to plot the robbery of Sakai’s fortune.
Kimura Yuichi as Nakao Shuichi
Minowa Katsuhisa’s strong but dim sidekick. He is meant to be an equal partner with Minowa.
Egashira Michiru (Otto no Kanojo, Gokusen Series)
Original Work
Enka by Kurokawa Hiroyuki
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